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PA2206 - Dirty School


Alternative,Grunge,Dirty Rock!

PA2192 - American Style 


The best Playlist in Real American music style.

PA2195 - Dream Pop



Retro inspired by rock chill vibe.

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PA2189 - Girl Power


Women in Music. Singer, songwriter, women's empowerment, independence, confidence and strength. 

PA21006 - Acoustic Feelings


A Compilation of an Emotional Acoustic Track.  Delicate and Intimate Mood to listen in front of the fireplace

PA2191 - Electric Dreams


The best Electronic Commercial Music with Emotional Vibes and Feelings

PA74 Music publishing company


Via Piemonte 3 - 27058 Voghera (PV)

Tel. +39.0383218381 

vat n. 02054210188

Terms & Condition

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lockdown indie
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PA2194 - Modern Soul


An Amazing mix of Neo Soul,Modern Soul, R&B, Hip Hop and Rap

PA2208 - Open Up Your Heart

Emotional Songs, music with amazing melodies and a yearning romanticism that sent shivers racing down to your spine

PA2205 - Lockdown Indie


Indie Music for a Lockdown Life, Indie Rock, Indie Pop, Indie Folk

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made in italy vol.1.jpeg

PA2204 - Made In Italy Vol.3


The Best Italian Independent Artists

PA2202 - Made In Italy Vol.1


The Best Italian Independent Artists  

PA2203 - Made In Italy Vol.2


The Best Italian Independent Artists

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PA2201 - The Witch

Dark Tension Music, Terror, Mistery and Suspence

PA2190 - Lo-fi Connection


The best Chill Hop, Lo-Fi Selection for Students, Relax, Focus, Working Tim

PA2209 - Something Different


Synth/retrowave Pop Rock, '80 vibes

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PA2211 - Emotional Guitars


Beautiful Instrumental Music by Strings Instruments. Mostly Guitar, but also violins,cellos,and others. 

PA2207 - Latino Loco


Shake your body with the best latino pop tracks!

PA2210 - Urban Style


Urban Style: Hip Hop, Urban, Trap, Beat, Rap, R&B

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PA2213 - World Music Roots


Different Cultures,different languages,different style -


PA2212 - Classic In Love


Piano, Orchestra,Strings Quartet. gentle vibrations and emotional and relaxing mood.

PA2214 - Fusion Jazz

Contemporary Fusion Jazz Sound

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PA2217 - Back To Our Roots


Ethnic flavors and enchanting atmospheres for travel, nature, wellness, yoga and meditation.

PA2215 - Easy Driving


Music on the Road. Easy listening Fresh Pop & Rock.​

PA2218 - Heat The Engine


Rock, Metal, Alternative & Guitar Oriented songs. More powerful, More Faster, More Energetic..


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PA2223 - Rise & Shine


Positive and active tracks for an Amazing Day.

PA2224 - Dusty Road


Amazing Rock Music for your Adventure


PA21036 - Sounds from The City


Different Sounds, Different Style, Different Mood, Different Cities Stories

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Pop, Easy Listening, Pop Rock in Italian Language

PA2233 - Party Time


Party Time with a selection of EDM, Dance Pop, Electronic Music

PA2236 - Myths

Cinematic scores and underscores with a choice of romantic, intens, majestic and mysterious

PA2232 - Italian Pop Vol.1


Pop, Easy Listening, Pop Rock in Italian Language

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PA2241 - Freedom


Intense, Emotional, Freedom and Human Rights

PA2242 - Mission To Mars


Instrumental Electronic Tracks,Vangelis Style,Sci-Fi, Soundtrack Retrowave, Synth, Drum Machines, Chill, '80.

PA2237 - Easy Life


Electronic Tracks, Retrowave, Synth, Drum Machines, Chill, '80 and Dream Pop


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PA2250 Rock Tape Vol.1


Rock melody for TV theme. Easy-going pop rock for generic television theme, daytime TV, sitcom, TV series, animation movies

PA2248 - The Best Italian Songs for Children


The Best Italian Songs for Children, Cartoon, Fairytale, princess,magical,fantasy

PA2251 Inventions


Cinematic scores and underscores for documentary, Tv Show, Fiction,Corporate

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